Congrats to my uncle/partner-in-crime-in-terms-of-watching-HIMYM-and-playing-thesims-and-ageofempires now you have another partner. Partner in life that is. You both love dogs and have terrible sense of humor. Needless to say, both of you are a perfect match made in heaven. 💏 (at Makassar)
I’d return to Makassar any day if i could 💕
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Kay here it goes:
1. I’m 15 ⚡️
2. 1/3 Javanese, 1/3 Bataknese and 1/3 Chinese
3. Born in Magelang, raised in Jakarta
4. An only child ((sadly)) 
5. A Gemini ♊️
6. I ❤️ Tegan and Sara ((would love to meet them someday))
7. Have been a sanurian since kindergarten ((now in high school))
8. I love listening to music and going to concerts but i can’t play any instrument ((wtf ikr)) 🙈
9. Went to Justin Bieber’s concert, Maroon 5’s, J. Lo’s, Demi Lovato’s, and recently WTF festival 🎸
10. Yes, I still like Justin ((somehow i have a thing for canadians)) 
11. Have been learning french for 3 years and counting ((but i still don’t get it)) 📚
12. I support the LGBTQ community ❤️💛💚💙💜
13. Wanna get a tattoo someday ((chill i got permissions))
14. I’m short 🙍
15. I look like a quiet person but hell if u know me well, u know i’m crazy af 👻
16. Scandal & HIMYM are my favs 📺
17. No. 1 rule is to enjoy life while it lasts bcs life’s too short.
18. I wanna travel the world ✈️
19. I like food. A lot. 🍴
20. While writing this i’m listening to Tegan and Sara 😻 🎶
Happy 47th Birthday mom! 

Next thing you’ll know you’ll be hitting 50 in no time HA! Thanks for being the greatest mom in the whole wide world, sounds cheesy but it’s true. You’ve always been there for me and even though we argue sometimes..i still love you anyways! I know that i’m not the world’s greatest daughter but hey here i am.
Happy Birthday mom! 💜💛❤️ (at Sept 2, 2014)
Twinning gone wild 🐾
Happy 16th anniversary mom and dad! 💏❤️ (at August 15)